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The Self-Liberation Technique is a simple method of pressing pressure points around the eyes at the same time that you’re bringing up a negative emotion or problem you want to work on, and completely dissolving it.

You can use this simple tool for erasing many feelings and issues. But, we suggest you use it daily to work on primary negative emotions, because the negative emotions are the root of all pain and suffering. This means targeting anger, greed, and lust or desire for anything, which are  top personal and public enemies on the planet.

You can also erase fears and anxieties, angers, traumas, addictions, relationship problems, self-hatred, hatred or disgust towards others, pride, arrogance, jealousy, feelings of needing or wanting something to happen.

Think of the issue you want to work on, for example “I’m angry at my boss”. Rate it 1-10. Think of the emotion and then start pressing lightly on the first pressure point in between the eyes. Before you press each time think your phrase, then press the points with both hands.

Do each point shown on the diagram 7 times.

1. Point A: In between eyes where the eyebrows begin

2. Point B: Underneath the eyes directly underneath the pupils

3. Point C: Underneath the eyes further out from the pupils

4. Point D: On the top of the eye socket towards the outer edge of the eye

5. Point E: On the soft spot extending past the end of the eyebrows

Notice if your feeling has gone down in its rating, if it is still not a zero, continue to the eye movement sequence. Repeat each movement 7 times while still thinking your phrase and allowing the feeling to come up. Your eyes should move slowly and deliberately.

1. Begin by keeping your head straight, but with the eyes looking up towards the sky, then down at the floor..

2. Next look to either side of your head.

3. Then look diagonally into the opposite corners of your    eyes.

4. Now rotate the eyes in a clockwise direction, then counterclockwise.

Finish the technique with rubbing your hands together, then pressing the palms onto the eyes to bring heat and energy to them. Take this time to relax and see if the feeling is gone. If the feeling is still not a zero, begin the sequence with the first point, and say “remaining anger at my boss.”



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